The below is a list of radio episodes, and the songs that appear in each, as well as track listings . If you are trying to track down a particular song, try here, and if you can't find it here, ask us!

Shuttleworths series 1
Cotton Buddies (My Wife Died In 1970, From A Father to A Son)
Mini-break In Giggleswick (The Bee and the Wasp)
How... (Have You Seen My Wife?, How To Be Happy...)
Pillock Of The Community (Modern Man, Scenes From South Yorkshire)
One Foot In The Gravy (Alone With The Day, Mary I Am Missing You)
John Goes To London (Shopkeepers In The North, Up And Down Like A Bride's Nightie, My Wife...)

Shuttleworths Series 2
Wireless Wanderings (The Good Ship Charlotte, Wireless Wanderings)
Bench Buddies (Poor Ken)
John Dries Up (Hi Ho)
Shuttleworth Diplomacy (I Want To Be A Community Leader)
Europigeon (Pigeons In Flight)
John Shuttleworth's Open House (John Shuttleworth's Open House, Y Reg, Do The Stars Remember?)
Bonus Songs (cassette only): Karen's Tangerine*, One Two Thankyou, Three Men In A Van*, The Isle Of Arran
(*also now available on The Dolby Decades)

Shuttleworths Series 3
Chic Ken (Mary Mary)
Ping Pong Pangs (Ping Pong Pangs)
Radio Shuttleworth (Blatherwyke)
Caravan Capers (Caravan Capers, She Lives In Hope)
John Le Shuttle (Surfing Inter Nettoes; Brightness, Contrast and Colour)
Midsummer Madras (Thingymejig, When Suburbia Wakes)

Shuttleworths Series 4
Cough In The Loft (Cough In The Loft, Don't Be Mean To Your Machine)
Chrome Alone (no songs)
A Moving Story (Darren's Leaving Home, It's A Shame)
Scare In The Community (The Footpump Song, Disaffected Youth)
Every Cloud Has A Silver Wedding (The Journey Of A Paintbrush, Unaccompanied Lady)
Hello Hello Hello (God's Waiting Room)

Shuttleworths Series 5
Tale of a Toaster - (WWW, Don't You Worry Mary)
Picnic at Toad Mouth Rock - (Get The Volvo, Val)
Wishee Washee Day - (Mingling With Mourners, The Angels Are Crying)
A Gig With Billy Joel - (Magic Carpet, I Want To Play The Village Hall With You)
Smells Like White Spirit - (Now The Ice Has Thawed, Bars Of Soap Are Disappearing, Smells Like White Spirit)
How's Yer Nan? - (I Rarely Fly, How's Yer Nan?)

Radio Shuttleworth Series 1
One (Crich Tram Museum) feat. Leo Sayer
Two (Salad Bar) feat. Wendy Craig
Three (Blatherwyke) feat. Patrick Moore
Four (Red Wine And Hobnobs, Happy Ever After) feat. Vanessa Feltz
Five (Scenes From South Yorkshire, Dancing In The Snow) feat. John Kettley
Series also featured songs and cameos from Mark Thomas, Jenny Eclair, Sean Locke, Simon Munnery, Boothby Graffoe, Sean Cullen, John Hegley, Lorraine Bowen and John Maloney.

Radio Shuttleworth Series 2
One (Cabin Bed) feat. Barbara Dickson (with Bill Bailey, Hattie Hayridge)
Two (I Don't Want To Dance (But You've Got To)) feat. Richard Whiteley (with John Otway, Jo Enright)
Three (Odd Job) feat.Tony Hart (with Lorraine Bowen, Steven Frost)
Four (Eggs And Gammon, It's Good To Be A Goodie) feat. Peter Purves (with Phil Nicholl, Milton Jones)
Five (Don't Touch Me In The Night) feat. Katrina Leskanich (with Robert Wyatt)
Six (Do The Stars Remember?) feat. Matthew Kelly (with Mitch Benn, Kevin Gildean)

Open Mind
UFOs (If Anybody's Out There, I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now)
Ghosts (Early and Late)
Vampires (Fish and Chips, Garlic Baguette)
Fairies (Two Margarines, Belief In Fairies)
The Bermuda Triangle (Glove On The Wall, A Good Command Of Vibrato)

Lounge Music
Chas and Dave (Relatives in Rotherham, Shopkeepers in the North Are Nice - by Chas)
Heaven 17 (Here Comes Midweek, Dandelion and Burdock - by Heaven 17)
Toyah (Blood Donor Song, Cereal Serial Killer - by Toyah)
Leee John (Phone Her, Disaffected Youth - by Leee)

500 Bus Stops
The Village Pump (only appears here, though there are other songs in the series, all available elsewhere!)

The Yamaha Years
My Wife Died In 1970
Modern Man
Have You Seen My Wife?
You're Like Manchester
Eggs And Gammon
The Man Who Lives On The M62
Up And Down Like A Bride's Nightie
The Christmas Orphan
Y Reg
500 Bus Stops
Save The Whale
The Bee And The Wasp
Can You Ken Ken?
Shopkeepers In The North
Mary Had A Little Lamb
How To Be Happy In A Sad Sad World
From A Father To A Son
What's A Shuttleworth?
Do The Stars Remember?
Pigeons In Flight

Bonus LP only tracks:
Where Are The Gents?
I Like To Dance
John Goes To Matlock
Excerpt From A Radio Non-Broadcast
The History Of Rock 'n' Roll
John Goes To London

The Dolby Decades
Life Is Like A Salad Bar
Serial Cereal Eater
Three Men In A Van
Fish And Chips
Unaccompanied Lady
Disaffected Youth
God's Waiting Room
God Bless The Fleece
Dandelion and Burdock
I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now
I Don't Want To Dance (But You've Got To!)
Betty Turpin
Two Margarines
She Lives In Hope
One Foot In The Gravy
Karen's Tangerine
Mutiny Over The Bounty
When Suburbia Wakes
Scenes From South Yorkshire

Bonus LP only tracks:
Do The Stars Remember? (Original Version)
Welcome Back To Greasy Bacon
Let It Go
Oo, That's Better
Catch The Fox (Original Version)
Pine For Christmas

The A1111 - And Other Ones!
The A1111
One Cup Of Tea Is Never Enough (But Two Is One Too Many!)
Mingling With Mourners
The Toaster Song
Get The Volvo, Val
Relatives In Rotherham
The Brough Rest Area
Early Tea
Glove On The Wall
I Want To Be A Community Leader
Smells Like White Spirit
Heartache And Heartburn
How's Yer Nan?
My First Polo
Bars Of Soap (Are Disappearing)
Caravan Capers
Whatever Happened To Vince Hill?
Visiting Time
Red Wine And Hobnobs
Love The Toad
Sutton On Sea (with Gordon Giltrap)

LP only bonus tracks:
Biscuits and Confectionery
Yorkshire Pudding
Give Us A Ciggy
Alone With The Day
Coconut Girl

Blue John (songs only listed)
Seven Songs By Sunset
Shoot The Gun!
Let It Go
I've Got A Country Garden
Mrs. Bond - A Tragic Lady
Catch The Fox

Shuttleworth Live
Life Is Like A Salad Bar
Isle Of Arran
Karen's Tangerine
Modern Man
You're Like Manchester
The Man Who Lives On The M62
Save The Whale
Shopkeepers In The North
Mutiny Over The Bounty
Dandelion & Burdock
Poor Ken
She Lives In Hope
From A Father To A Son
Y Reg
Pigeons In Flight

Y Reg (CD single)
Y Reg
Incident On The Snake Pass
You're Like Manchester
The Footpump Song

4 Rather Tasty Tracks (CD Single)
Two Margarines
Tummy Trouble
Serial Cereal Eater
I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now

Seven Songs By Sunset
Seven Songs By Sunset
Have You Seen My Wife?
The Christmas Orphan
Up And Down Like A Bride's Nightie (feat. Alan The Opera Singer)
Alone With The Day
Three Men In A Van
Scenes From South Yorkshire
Paul Paul
Romeo OAP

Swimming With Sharon
Swimming With Sharon
Incident On The Snake Pass
Interview With An Impresario

One Foot In The Gravy
Fleece the World
Betty Turpin
Mounds Bar Song