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A Bespoke Audio Greeting
(Or B A G!)

Fancy receiving an audio greeting from your favourite versatile singer/organist? Now John has a smart phone he’s able to do just that! Whether it’s a birthday greeting, congratulations, early Christmas message to friends or family, or a get well message to your poorly budgie - astound your friends with a personalised message from the man himself, plus - for extra value - little ole Ken Worthington in the background! Your BAG will be around 2 minutes in length, and can even feature a short a Capella rendition of your favourite Shuttleworth ditty! Order now and your very own BAG will be emailed as a mp3 file to your email inbox. Bag your BAG now for £45 !!

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Father Earth DVD
Father Earth DVD

"A brilliant film" (Britflicks) and "Compelling.. a Jeckyl and Hyde psycho drama." (The Guardian) Father Earth starring the Fellows family, Sooty & Sweep (oh and Mr John Shuttleworth!) is now available on DVD! £10 plus postage (For a trailer and more info visit: fatherearthmovie.com)

Father Earth DVD £10

Father Earth

Father Earth (Movie Rental)

Featuring John Shuttleworth not to mention Sooty, Sweep and Soo, this “intriguing and original “ (Reviews Hub) new documentary movie has been described by the Guardian as “Compelling” and by Britflicks as “A brilliant film” There is more info at fatherearthmovie.com and you can try before you buy by watching the trailer here
Rent for 1 month £5.99
(link emailed separately shortly after purchase, should be within 24 hours!)

Father Earth Rental £5.99


Europigeon DVD

John's legendary attempt to enter the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 with the epic ‘Pigeons in Flight’ as seen on BBC 2 eons ago. With guest appearances by the amazing Jahn Teigen (he scored "nul points" for Norway!)and a host of former UK contestants including Brotherhood Of Man, the late Lyndsey De Paul, Katrina Leskanich and Johnny Logan (ok, and 2 Irish contestants!) Plus extras containing early and rare Shuttleworth TV appearances not available elsewhere .

DVD £10


The A1111 - And Other Ones!

Back again - and still great! - the third hits compilation, rounding up 22 classics like The Toaster Song, Midweek, Mingling With Mourners, Get the Volvo, Val, How's Yer Nan, Smells Like White Spirit and One Cup Of Tea Is Never Enough (But Two Is One Too Many). Snap it up while stocks last!

The A1111 CD £10

Blue John

A reissue of the 2001 collection of rarities and previously unreleased early material, much of it from the 1980s. It includes John’s first ever audio recording from June 85, the classic 'Catch the Fox', plus excerpts from the breakthrough tape 'Seven Songs By Sunset', 'The Ghost Of Giggleswick' and 'Do You Ken Ken Worthington'

CD £10

The Shuttleworths 3

- the complete 3rd series. Contains 6 classic episodes including 'Pingpong Pangs' - John's quest to find a table tennis partner, and 'Caravan Capers', featuring the heart-rending ballad "She Lives In Hope".

Double CD £10

Shuttleworths 4

The Shuttleworths 4

- the complete fourth Radio 4 series. 6 episodes, including “Cough in the Loft”, "Chrome Alone" and “Every Cloud has a Silver Wedding” featuring the classic track "Unaccompanied Lady", plus Joan Chitty in nowt but her leotard!

Double CD £10

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Tea Towel

Out of stock for a while, but back and ready to be pressed into domestic servitude (Or just hung on a wall to be studied and admired!)DAILY DOMESTIC DILEMMAS - AND HOW TO DEFTLY DODGE ‘EM! features eye catching drawings of John attempting to avoid various domestic dilemmas, accompanied by advice you may or may not wish to follow! It's printed in Royal Blue on high quality cotton by Countryside Art and makes a great gift. Why, you could even wrap up other gifts (especially wet ones)inside it!!

Tea towel £6

John Shuttleworth Mug

Snazzy new design adapted from John’s latest tour poster - this sturdy earthenware mug will brighten up every tea or coffee break. Features John in enticing ‘lounge lizard‘ pose with ‘Now with 2 Organs’ in a fetching star, plus ‘venues played’ on the rear. Currently available in jazzy yellow. £7 plus postage.

John Shuttleworth
Mug £7

‘Two Margarines and Other Domestic Dilemmas’ Book

John Shuttleworth’s Guide to Everyday Life will amuse while it educates. From tips on ‘how to remember which toothbrush is yours’ to ‘how to avoid bashing your ankle on an open dishwasher door’, this chunky paperback is stuffed with your favourite song lyrics and vintage photos. All copies signed by John himself, with an option for a ‘personalised dedication‘ £9.99 (dedication option £2 extra)


Book £9.99
(no dedication, signed)

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Signed book, with dedication £11.99


Travel Flask

Check the reservoir level in style! This eye-catching 500 ml aluminium flask - ideal for hot or cold drinks - is a firm favourite with big stars like Bill Bailey (and Janet le Roe’s got one too!) Formally the ‘Wee Ken to Remember’ picnic flask, it has been craftily rebranded as the ‘Pour & Phwoar!’ Handy Travel flask. Available in blue or gold. John’s tip: for a total leak free experience, always check the latex cap seal is aligned correctly before use!

(click the picture for a closer look at the badge)


Flask £12


Signed Postcard

Vintage publicity photo from the early 1990s featuring John in Sheffield's Whiteley Woods with his theatrical credits listed within 2 fetching paper stars. Signed by the man himself! £1 each.

Signed Postcard £1

Yamaha Years

The Yamaha Years

back again on CD, and just as super! John’s first CD release features studio recordings of 20 of his finest songs, including Y Reg, M62, Bride’s Nightie, Pigeons in flight etc.

CD £10

Yamaha Years

The Dolby Decades

20 more of John's finest recordings, including Two Margarines, I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now and many more! (18 more, to be exact)

CD £10

John Shuttleworth's
Lounge Music

Now available again on CD - the complete first season of the Radio 4 series featuring Chas (and Dave), Toyah, Heaven 17, Leee John and exclusive-to-CD out takes and extras! Gertcha!

Double CD £10

It's Nice Up North

It's Nice Up North DVD

John's acclaimed first feature film in which he ventures to the Shetland Isles to find out if people really get nicer the further north you travel. Watch and find out! DVD extras include deleted scenes and the hilarious animated short,'Unaccompanied Lady'.


500 Bus Stops

500 Bus Stops DVD

All four episodes of John and Ken's rock n roll tour of garden centres, freezer shops and underground caverns, as seen on BBC2. Contains trailer for John's first film 'It's Nice Up North' and photo gallery.

DVD £10

Minor Tour

The Minor Tour

The Minor Tour (and other Mythological Creatures) recorded at Wakefield's magnificent Theatre Royal in 2009, is brilliantly shot and shows John in tiptop form. An absolute must for all Jshuttleworth devotees. Also features the hilarious concreter, Dave Tordoff and the much maligned and misunderstood musical Maverick, Brian Appleton.



Ken Worthington SatNav Voice

Ken will guide you skillfully and animatedly along the highways and byways, assuming you have a TomTom (other SatNavs are available, but this won't work on them, sorry!) oo, and a car. Comes with installation instructions included. Doesn't run on Ken's cheap SatNav, thankfully (see above)!

My Turn To Be Poorly

Brian Appleton - My Turn To Be Poorly

Brian's classic waxing, now available again! With the genre-moulding classics 'Lucy, You've Got The Wrong Wardrobe', 'My Turn To Be Poorly' and 7 others!


Love At The Hacienda
Love At The Hacienda
Everyday tales of loss and yearning ride on a bed of lushly chiming guitars and Juno 60 synthwash. Singalong tunes and finely wrought lyrics which indulge Fellows’s passion for the mundane and the everyday. 'Seven Pints and a Suicide' was performed on a Kids TV show at the time, and Chappell Music awarded Graham a 3 year publishing contract after hearing this record.
CD £10
Weird Town

Weird Town
Weird Town was released in 2018 and is Graham's first solo album since 'Love At the Hacienda’(1985) Recorded in his home studio in Lincolnshire, Weird Town features contributions from folk musicians Chris Wood and Niopha Keegan (the Unthanks), plus percussion by Keith Angel. Much played by Gideon Coe on 6 Music and described by singer Kathryn Williams as "..beautiful tender songs of love & loss in his own voice."

CD £10

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