The Shuttleworths Series 1
Cotton Buddies
First TX: 11/10/93 Radio 4
Mini Break in Giggleswick
First TX: 12/10/93 Radio 4
First TX: 13/10/93 Radio 4
The Pillock of the Community
First TX: 14/10/93 Radio 4
Xmas Eve with The Shuttleworths
First TX: 20/12/93 Radio 4
New Year With The Shuttleworths
First TX: 31/12/93 Radio 4
The Shuttleworths Series 1
One Foot In The Gravy
First TX: 26/03/94 Radio 4
John Goes to London
First TX: 02/04/94 Radio 4
First TX: 28/04/94 Radio 4
Shuttleworth's Showtime.
6 weekly hour long shows
First TX: 14/11/94 Radio 1
Last TX: 19/12/94 Radio 1
John Shuttleworth and Friends
First TX: 29/5/95 Radio 1
The Shuttleworths Series 2
Wireless Wanderings 1
First TX: 28/06/95 Radio 4
Wireless Wanderings 2
First TX: 05/07/95 Radio 4
The Birthday Bench
First TX: 12/07/95 Radio 4
John Dries Up
First TX: 19/07/95 Radio 4
Shuttleworth Diplomacy
First TX: 26/07/95 Radio 4
John Shuttleworth's Open House #1
First TX: 26/09/96 Radio 4
A Christmas Carol
First TX: 25/12/96 Radio 4
500 Bus Stops (TV)
4 half hour shows
TX Weekly: 24/6/97 -15/07/97 BBC2
The Shuttleworths Series 3
Chic Ken
First TX: 08/10/97 Radio 4
Ping Pong Pangs
First TX: 15/10/97 Radio 4
Radio Shuttleworth
First TX: 22/10/97 Radio 4
Caravan Capers
First TX: 29/10/97 Radio 4
John Le Shuttle
First TX: 05/11/97 Radio 4
Midsummer Madras
First TX: 12/11/97 Radio 4
John Shuttleworth's Open House #2
First TX: 31/12/97 Radio 4
Europigeon (TV)
1 half hour show
First TX: 04/05/98 BBC2
Radio Shuttleworth series 1
5 half hour shows
TX Weekly: 03/11/98
-01/12/98 Radio 4
Radio Shuttleworth series 2
6 half hour shows
TX Weekly: 24/02/00
-30/03/00 Radio 4
The Leg End Of Robin Hood
First TX: 26/12/00 Radio 4 LW
Plonker's Baby
First TX: 24/12/02 Radio 4
The Shuttleworths Series 4
Cough In The Loft
First TX: 13/02/03 Radio 4
Chrome Alone
First TX: 20/02/03 Radio 4
A Moving Story
First TX: 27/02/03 Radio 4
Scare In The Community
First TX: 6/03/03 Radio 4
Every Cloud Has A Silver Wedding
First TX: 13/03/03 Radio 4
Hello Hello Hello
First TX: 20/03/03 Radio 4
John Shuttleworth's Open Mind
5 half hour shows (UFOs/Ghosts/Vampires/Fairies/Bermuda Triangle)
TX Weekly: 30/03/2006 - 27/04/2006 Radio 4
The Shuttleworths Series 5
Tale of a Toaster
First TX: 12/05/2010 Radio 4
Smells Like White Spirit
First TX: 19/05/10 Radio 4
A Gig With Billy Joel
First TX: 26/05/10 Radio 4
How's Yer Nan?
First TX: 2/6/10 Radio 4
Picnic at Toad Mouth Rock
First TX: 9/6/10 Radio 4
Wishee Washee Day
First TX: 16/6/10 Radio 4
Visiting Time
First TX: 23/12/18 Radio 4
Your Very Good Elf
First TX: 22/12/19 Radio 4
John Shuttleworth's Lounge Music Series 1
Chas & Dave
First TX: 13/07/14 Radio 4
Heaven 17
First TX: 20/07/14 Radio 4
Toyah Willcox
First TX: 27/07/14 Radio 4
Leee John
First TX: 3/08/14 Radio 4
John Shuttleworth's Lounge Music Series 2
Chris Difford
First TX: 20/11/2016 Radio 4
Clare Grogan
First TX: 27/11/2016 Radio 4
Nick Heyward
First TX: 4/12/2016 Radio 4
Mari Wilson
First TX: 11/12/2016 Radio 4
The Shuttleworths Series 6
Rusty's Party
First TX: 1/12/2022 Radio 4
All's Well That Begins Badly
First TX: 8/12/2022 Radio 4
Other notable guest appearances - some of these can be seen on the videos page!
Saturday Zoo - John had a regular slot on this 1993 Jonathan Ross hosted music and comedy show aired on Channel 4.
Christmas With Vic and Bob -John performed "The Christmas Orphan" on this BBC2 theme night hosted by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, Christmas 1993.
The Paradise Club - John appeared as an auditionee in a 1991 episode of this BBC TV series starring Leslie Grantham and Don Henderson. This episode has even appeared on German TV (dubbed!).
Fully Booked - John made a guest appearance on this Sunday morning CBBC show on the 3rd of May 1998 on BBC 2, at the instigation of copresenter Chris Jarvis, a long time Shuttleworth fan.
Talkin'.......(1996-1998) - 'Talkin' Roman' (1996), 'Talkin' Saxon' (1997) and 'Talkin' Viking' (1998) are educational videos produced for children by English Heritage and hosted by John Shuttleworth. They are available from English Heritage on 01604-781163.
Edinburgh Nights (1995) John hosted a spoof 'Open University' style examination of comedy in BBC2's Fringe coverage with such luminaries as Ken Campbell (Wol Wantok now!!!) and Jack Docherty. TX 1/09/95.
Odds and ends John has certainly appeared on other radio and TV shows- he performed "Catch The Fox" in 'Packin' Em In' in 1992 for example shortly after his nomination for a Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He hosted a programme marking the opening of Sheffield's centre for popular music on 27/2/99, on Empire Night on Radio 5 in 1992 and 1993, in the 'I Love the 1980s' series, on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Look North. Phew! He recently featured in a Channel 4 Queen special choosing his favourite video ('Crazy Little Thing Called Love' which has a nice Showaddywaddy feel to it)-so this is by no means an exhaustive list-if there's anything that you know of do please let me know! He has also presented training videos and BBC Internet videos.