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Some nice images here. Perfect for sending to a poorly aunt or a work acquaintance.

Nail Time. Isn't it always?

John Shuttleworth's Website - or is someone is masquerading as Sheffield's finest singer/organist? It's a rubbish impression mind you - see if you agree.

A nice cup of tea and a sit down. Well who doesn't like one of these? As long as Mary doesn't need any urgent DIY sorting.

Pugwash. Nice gimmick, well honed lyrics, good chord structure, works well.

Yamaha Keyboards - all with Fantasy Flute!

Buy a new bat, if yours is perished.

DIY data - fascinating, and a great source of comfort.

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Ooff! Sounds like Matt Bianco!

We see Betty Turpin...

Check the level at Ladybower Reservoir.

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Pick up your Thax pack here.

Some very nice pictures, etc.

Pictures of intense musicians, &c.

The University of the Bleeding Obvious. Not, I suspect, a real University.

T200 racers at Cadwell Park, Louth. (Hoh! Bit tenuous! Ken)

So you're dead. What next?